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Living the 4Cs
Dear Families,

I want to wish those in our community who observe the Lunar New Year a Happy New Year! May this year bring you happiness, health, and prosperity.

Each month, as our students gather for our Lower School Assembly, I find myself wishing all of you could share in the experience with your children. It is crystal clear that our young students are living the Four C’s, so integral to our mission: confidence, creativity, citizenship, and critical thinking. 

In last week’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assembly, our Fourth Grade leaders delivered the lines from the book Let Freedom Sing, by Vanessa Newton, which points to music as an undeniable force in the Civil Rights Movement. Music empowered activists in Washington, Montgomery, Greensboro, Little Rock, New Orleans, Selma, and many other places across the South, where scores of people gathered to fight for change. 

Our fourth graders brought this reading to life, delivering their lines with confidence and rallying us all to join in on songs connected to the message of changemakers. Some songs we sang included “What Can One Little Person Do?”, “The Dream of Martin Luther King,” and “This Little Light of Mine.” We also watched an excerpt from Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. To help us all understand that change occurs over decades and that there have been many pivotal moments that have led us to where we are now, the fourth graders presented about Rosa Parks, the Montgomery bus boycott, the Greensboro Four, Ruby Bridges, the Little Rock Nine, and Barack Obama. Students across the grades then presented the ways in which they are letting their light shine as changemakers in 2020, right here at school. If you would like to share in the experience with your child, I hope you will watch a video of the assembly below. 

Faith Hunter
Lower School Principal

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