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Dear Families, 
I suspect we all remember the first time we had to stand in front of a room filled with people and command an audience. I suspect no matter what our comfort level is or where we sit on the continuum of owning this skill set, public speaking is something we all feel we can further develop.
Three weeks ago, four fourth grade students entered my office buzzing with excitement and a bit of nerves. Their charge: they would be the first group this year to carry out the longstanding tradition of fourth graders leading our Lower School Gatherings. As we sat together to discuss the responsibilities that come with this role — collaborating with a group of peers, planning and writing a script, and leading the Lower School — our students learned of this year’s new challenge: no scripts!
The children groaned a little and then set their minds to the task. Yesterday, each child rose to the challenge. In reflecting afterward, they shared how letting go of those scripts and memorizing their lines freed them up for the opportunity to practice important public speaking skills: enunciation, articulation, and projection of their voices while also adding some drama. As you will see in their presentation, our theme was having a growth mindset: demonstrating the ability to stick with a challenge and see it through. They did it!
It’s one thing to want to make a change in your world; it’s another to have the skills to do so. Every month, each of our fourth graders will have the opportunity to cultivate courage and work on their communication skills by leading the Lower School.
Below are two videos: one that captures the feeling of Lower School Gathering and another that features the skit that our fourth graders led. I encourage you to watch these videos with your children, no matter what grade they are in, and to ask them about the message of “having a growth mindset.”
Click the image below to watch our Fourth Grade emcees lead lower school gathering!
Click the image below for a glimpse of lower school gathering. Find the lyrics here to sing along!
In Partnership,

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