HS Wellness Challenge

Margaret Paul
Dear Families,
We want to share today about the High School Wellness Challenge that we kicked off at our Assembly last week. In the midst of all that we are facing each day--due to Covid and the ongoing crisis in Washington--it is more important than ever to equip our students with tools to take care of themselves.
Below are slides and notes from our assembly. It is our hope that, by sharing these with you, you will be able to encourage and support your students in making choices to care for their well-being everyday. Rest assured that our advisors and teachers are all centering these conversations in advisory meetings and classrooms!

Wellness is not a state of being--it is an action. Each day we can choose to process our stress by taking up practices that help us move through stress cycles. We can’t prevent stress, but we can process stress.
LREI HS Wellness Challenge: We have given your students a sticker chart (yes, you heard that correctly) because it’s back to the basics to help form some healthy habits! Research shows that tracking our choices is one small way that we can stick with something--and each time we “reward” ourselves with a sticker (in this case) for our choices, our brains give a small burst of dopamine (satisfying our reward system). In a nutshell, we are working, through this wellness challenge, to bring cortisol levels (stress hormones) down, and instead generate endorphins (happy hormones) that can increase our feelings of calm and well-being, even in the midst of a stress-filled world.
Across the month we will also be offering conversations to students on the topics of anxiety and depression, body image, the power of sleep . . . and more! We know that well-being and learning are deeply intertwined, and we believe that attending to our students’ mental and physical health is just as important as their academic program. If you would like to check in with us about your student, and if you would like additional support or resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Chelsea Rissner, High School Mental Health Counselor: crissner@lrei.org
Linda Perlmutter & Joanne MacDonald, High School Nurses: jperlmutter@lrei.org jmacdonald@lrei.org
And as always, your advisors, deans, and the two of us are always available as well!