Teacher Appreciation

Margaret Paul
Dear Families,
Today we share some of the work in the high school this week from the perspective of our greatest super power . . . our teachers. 

Besides being the brains of this operation, they are simultaneously the heart and soul . . . they show up everyday to support your students’ cognitive and social-emotional growth, knowing how inextricably linked these are.
What does it mean to be a high school teacher at LREI in 2022? In some ways, the work we do has been profoundly changed through the pandemic, yet we continue to be guided by the core pedagogical principles we have worked from since the first day we walked into our classrooms.
As progressive teachers, we facilitate learning through experience and inquiry. We posit questions that lead students to think critically towards solutions–whether these be mathematical, theoretical, or practical. We spend our days building skills and abilities that help students think critically about the world around them. In 2022, this is complicated work.
This week alone, teachers have engaged in discussions regarding constitutional rights, protections, and processes in relation to womens’ bodies and choices. They have helped students consider the complexities of human rights, economics, and politics as they intersect in the ongoing Ukranian invasion. They have analyzed data regarding the impact of methane gases on our climate, and considered the implications of redistricting in relation to voting rights.

They have also supported 23 students in drafting and rehearsing campaign speeches for Student Government elections, rehearsed with students for the upcoming Spring Festival of Plays and end-of-year coffee house. They have made art and music and story together. They have celebrated risk-taking, persistence, and extra practice. And they have soothed stresses, encouraged students to turn in missing work, and reassured those who are anxious that they are moving shoulder to shoulder through this journey with them.

Teaching is hard work, and teaching in 2022 sometimes feels overwhelming. However, the reason we show up, day after day, is the hope our students bring to LREI each day. 

We show up for their ideas, their vision, their audacity. 
We show up for their confidence and courage. 
We show up for their boldness and swagger. 
And we show up for their heart.


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