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HS Life at Charlton HS Principal, Micah Dov Gottlieb

High School Principal, Micahl Dov Gottlieb reflects on the fall season, "the thankfulness tree we created at our Thanksgiving assembly stands tall in the lobby and reminds us of all that we are grateful for. I am grateful for our wonderful community -  the exceptional teachers, our amazing students, and for the trust families have given us to educate their children - Thank You!" 

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On Tuesday evening we had our first ever Fall Sports Awards evening, it was well attended and full of inspiration - with stories and anecdotes about hard-work, growth, challenge, and perseverance. Our Athletics program has had such high participation and such strong results that one evening at the end of the year was not enough to celebrate the amazing achievements of our student-athletes. 

This fall each team had something to be truly proud of.
  • Boys Cross Country - League Champions and placed 7th in the NYSAIS state tournament.
  • Girls Cross Country - League Champions and placed 10th in the NYSAIS state tournament. 
  • Boys Soccer - League Champions and competed in the NYSAIS state tournament.
  • Girls Soccer - Made it to the League Championship Playoff
  • Varsity Girls Volleyball - League Champions and competed in the NYSAIS state tournament.
  • Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball - League Champions
The return from Thanksgiving signals the winding up of the work of our first trimester - the assessment schedule (Tuesday, December 19th through Thursday, December 21st) was shared with students yesterday and is included at the bottom of this message. Many students are already engaging in culminating activities, putting together presentations, projects, and papers. For the Junior class, Chris Keimig - Junior Class Trip coordinator and Allison Isbell - HS Dean of Academics, announced the next phase for the Junior Class Trip.
“After a process in which our students researched, proposed, and advocated for a host of place-based research topics, the juniors have ultimately formed five small groups (11-12 students per group), each of which will study a different socio-political issue over the course of the year, culminating in a week-long place-based research project in April (the 23rd through the 27th). Each group will travel to a location that has been proposed by students as a place that this topic is most relevant and immediate, and where we can partner with and learn from individuals, organizations, and governments that are doing innovative work around this issue in their city or region. 
Students have spent the last six weeks researching their issues and identifying potential partners on the ground in their respective cities. Over the course of Trimester 2, faculty trip leaders--who have guided our students through their research and thinking throughout this process--will work to connect with these partners and bring their group's vision and research to life. We have been continually impressed by the passion and seriousness with which our students have approached this work, and by their desire to engage in meaningful ways with their education and the world around them. We could not be more excited about the unique direction this trip has taken this year and to accompany students on this journey.”
The topics and cities are as follows: 
1. Immigration and Border Control: Tucson, Arizona
     Trip Leaders: Ileana Jimenez and Chris Keimig
2. Immigration and Border Control: El Paso, Texas
     Trip Leaders: Allison Isbell and Michel de Konkoly Thege
3. Criminal Justice and Mental Health: Miami, Florida
     Trip Leaders: Manjula Nair and Alan Kim
4. Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Environmental Racism: Miami, Florida
     Trip Leaders: Jessica Prohias-Gardiner and Pat Higgiston
5. Criminal Justice: Mass Incarceration and Police Brutality: New Orleans, Louisiana 
     Trip Leaders: Jessica Acee and Jonathan Segal