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MS Students Proud to Participate in Billion Oyster Project

On Wednesday, October 4th, our seventh graders traveled to Pier 40 to participate in the Billion Oyster Project. BOP is an initiative of the New York Harbor Foundation. The objective of the project is to restore one billion live oysters while engaging thousands of students through STEM education. Oysters are vital to our ecosystem as filter feeders, as just a single oyster is capable of cleaning one gallon of water per hour. In 2017, oysters are functionally extinct in the Harbor as a result of over-harvesting, dredging, and pollution. If oyster numbers returned to previous highs, the entire volume of water that makes up the Pier would be cleaned once every three days. With the help of our students, BOP aims to make this restoration a reality.
LREI middle school students immersed themselves by examining the oyster habitat and studying water quality, oyster size, other organisms and ocean conditions. While learning about reintroducing populations and how the oyster's lifecycle works, our students engaged in science to analyze how the oysters are progressing and how their environment is changing over time. The data collected from the oysters will be sent directly to the BOP, and will be aggregated along with data from all over the city to give the project a clear view of how the restoration project is progressing. 
For more information about the Billion Oyster Project, please click HERE.