Trip Reflection with MS Dean, Dan Bobrowski

The following is a reflection of a middle school trip by MS Dean of Programs and Science Teacher Dan Bobrowski. 

It was 7:15 AM. A band of students stood huddled outside of the student bunkhouse. As I approached, their excited chatter became clear . . .
“You’re going fishing?”

“Yes! Want to come with us?”

It was their last morning at Ashokan and they had woken early, packed up the bunk, and were waiting for me to take them to the pond. We grabbed the rods and trudged over the hill to a lilypad-covered, oversized puddle on the corner of the property. I watched as one friend cast the bait out and handed the pole to a friend. Two other kids were stooping on the shore catching tadpoles with their bare hands. “You’re getting a bite!” I heard someone exclaim. A cheering section gathered as an ecstatic middle schooler landed a 6-inch sunfish. We took pictures and another student helped the triumphant angler release the catch back into the water. Before we knew it, it was time for breakfast and the students reluctantly reeled the lines in and packed up their gear. The merry band buzzed with fishing tales as they walked back to the dining hall and undoubtedly, the size of the morning’s catch grew as they told the story of their morning adventure again and again over pancakes and orange juice.

On the morning of a middle school trip departure, the feeling of anticipation is tangible. We trudge off on adventures to places far and wide. We spend time together, learn from each other and the environs, and soak up every bit of the experience. Before you know it, we are on the bus back home. Trips may end before many of us want them to, but the memories are fodder for tales to come.