Spirit Week

High School
Dear High School Families,
Last week – and thanks to a snow day, part of this week – was LREI Spirit Week 2017, when the building is full of energy, exuberance, passion, song, and fun costumes! I wanted to share this special time with you, and talk about the traditions that make this a special place to work, and to go to school.
Each year the student government carefully thinks about what would make a compelling theme for each day. To add to the excitement, both a grade, and individual(s) are selected for having the greatest spirit in that theme. Grade winners get points, and individuals are awarded a prize. In addition, each grade can earn points by competing in special contests (or Bee’s) each morning, and the annual Lip Sync Contest.  The grade with the most points at the end of the week wins a fabulous ice cream party that will be served by the school’s administration - as well as bragging rights for the rest of the year!
Here is a recap:
Monday was Pajama Day and the ninth and twelfth grades tied for the win, but it was Paula Persiani who won the individual prize for her pajama outfit. The Geography Bee had shared winners - the tenth and eleventh grades.
Tuesday was twin day and the eleventh grade secured the clear victory. The individual winners were Gaia Prete, Pilar Olivieri, and Lulu Obaditch. The Spelling Bee had a tie for the tenth and eleventh grades.
Wednesday was Character day, and the seniors came through with the win. There were two individual winners, Eliana Cohen-Orth and Talia Rosenthal. LREI Trivia Bee  was won by the Seniors.
Due to the snow day last Thursday, Friday was era day. The ninth and tenth grades tied for the day. Ninth grader Jonathan Hodge took the individual prize. The Pop Culture Bee was a three way tie between the ninth, tenth, and twelfth grades.
A week late, but worth the wait - today was LREI spirit day and the always-popular Lip Sync Contest. The Seniors took the day and the Lip Sync, with individual spirit winner Isiah Rosa. Of special note was ninth grader Louie Figliulo who carried the weight of the entire grade in a stunning solo lip sync performance! The faculty, however, stole the show with their lip sync montage. It was an amazing performance from all involved!!
You can see more pictures from Spirit Week here. 
Videos of the lip sync performances (including the faculty performance) will be shared early next week!
Officially announced here for the first time - the overall grade winner for LREI Spirit Week 2017 are the Seniors!! Congratulations to the class of 2017!!
The truth is that we are all the winners. There are so many amazing and creative costumes by students and faculty that I can’t mention them all. This week has me smiling, and feeling a swell of pride and spirit.
From my perspective, spirit is a physical manifestation of our community values and of citizenship, creativity, courage, and collaboration (three of our four C’s, plus collaboration). Citizenship can be seen through active engagement and taking pride in our community. It takes courage to stand in front of the whole school dancing and lip-syncing. You have to be really creative to come up with clever costumes for each of the theme days and to collaborate with a friend to dress as their twin. I whole-heartedly love this school every week, but this week - we wear our hearts on our sleeves!
Happy Spirit Week, High School!