Minimester 2017 with Margaret Paul, Dean of Student Life

This year we had 19 different Minimesters, 7 of those were led by students. I am impressed annually by what comes out of this 3-day experience and am blown away by the time and energy that both leaders and participants put into the workshops. If you haven’t talked to your child about their experience yet, please do so this week.
One of the goals of Minimester is to bring different groups of people together in order to build community. Students had the opportunity to get to know people in other grades, as well as their own, and perhaps got to know some different Faculty members, as well. Every connection we make with one another improves the entire LREI experience. It weaves the fabric of our community a bit tighter, something it feels like the world needs a bit more of these days.
I want to share a few of the pictures my advisees shared with me of their Minimester adventures. Two advisees toured NYC by Boat and traveled on a number of the different ferries that NYC has. The picture included is from their trip out to the Rockaways. Another advisee led the Words into Action Minimester, where a group of 17 of our students (included two other advisees!) went to various NYC organizations to volunteer their time. This picture shows the community garden where they helped out. Finally, we have part of the group from Action Movie: Behind the Scenes where students were taught fight/action scene moves by senior Myles Dunlop. The three short films they created were shared during the Friday afternoon Assembly. Myles also agreed to share them with all of you here.

Until next year!