LREI - ISAL Meet #2 results

LREI placed 2nd as a team on Weds, both boys and girls teams were 2nd. 
 Some highlights:
Girls 200 Medley Relay: 3rd Place
Boys 200 Medley Relay: 2nd Place
Girls 200 Freestyle: Lindsay 2nd Place tie
Girls 100 Butterfly: Ruthanne 2nd Place
Boys 100 Butterfly: Jalen 2nd Place, Finn 3rd Place
Girls 100 Freestyle: Sophia 1st Place
Boys 100 Freestyle: Kenneth 3rd Place 
Girls 200 Freestyle: 2nd Place (by 0.11 seconds!!!)
Seriously. Every one of you did such an amazing job and if you continue to work on your skills and get stronger and swim on days off and work hard during practice it will pay off in spades. We’ve got two practices next week (Weds and Thurs). If you’re able to do some swimming on your off time it will help leading up to the next meet on Weds 1/24.