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Mission & Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy
Mission Statement
Strategic Plan
Students graduate from our diverse community as active participants in our democratic society.
-LREI Mission Statement
At LREI, learning is active and experiential. We provide a rich and challenging progressive program for bright, inquisitive students who bring a range of abilities and interests to their collective study of the world.

Our school is a community built on understanding and respect for others. Like New York City, this community is diverse in every sense, with a variety of family structures and beliefs, as well as other, more familiar definitions of diversity (racial, ethnic, socio-economic, religious). Our interdisciplinary curriculum and school-wide social justice initiatives promote understanding of many cultures.

As individual achievement is encouraged and rewarded, our program underscores the value of shared goals and cooperation in mastering difficult tasks. By the time LREI students graduate, they are ready to make their marks on their university campuses because they have learned to be active citizens in their school, city and global communities.