The Afterschool schedule has been updated to reflect the dates, prices, and selections for the Winter/Spring 2020 session. Note: There may be an additional class or two added in the next week, but other than that the information here is current.


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  • Cari Kosins 

    Director of Afterschool and Summers & Staff Coordinator
    212-477-5316, ext. 207
Our Mission Statement: Our Afterschool programs are built on the belief that children thrive when they feel safe, supported by the adults and peers around them, and when they have both the structure and space to follow their interests.
Afterschool at LREI is a celebration of play, creativity and learning outside of the classroom setting. As a division of the school, Afterschool enriches the LREI experience by providing opportunities for students to learn skills for creative expression, work together in mixed age groups, regroup after the school day, and benefit from the input of guest artists and specialized teachers.

Afterschool includes three types of programs for students, so they can choose days and activities that suit their interests. All three programs are structured and led by experienced teachers.

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  • Core Afterschool

    Core Afterschool is divided by age into three groups - Reds, Oranges, and Blues - Monday through Thursday, and combines all ages on Friday. The Reds group includes Fours and Kindergarden, the Oranges group includes First and Second Grades, and the Blues group includes Third Grade through Middle School. Core Afterschool follows a weekly schedule of featured activities from 2:45/3:00 to 6:00 PM, which can be viewed on this website under Daily Schedules. Registration is by day of the week per session, and daily drop-in to Afterschool is available with advance notice and payment to the office. For a more detailed description of the daily Core schedule, please click on Class Descriptions.
  • Drop-In

    Drop-In care is available on a daily basis from 2:45-6:00 PM, and is only available in the Core program (Drop-In is not available for Enrichment or Instrumental classes). To sign your child up for Drop-In, please contact us by 2:30 PM on the day of attendance either by email/telephone or by coming to the Afterschool Office to fill out a Drop-In registration form and submit payment. The cost of Drop-In is a flat rate of $40 for the day.
  • The Enrichment Program

    The Enrichment Program encompasses a variety of specialized classes, which give children the opportunity to focus on an athletic, creative or academic discipline over the course of a session. Classes meet once per week, and are geared toward specific age groups. Participation in Core Afterschool before and after an Enrichment class is free of charge. More information about Enrichment classes and faculty can be found under Class Descriptions, and Meet Our Team - Enrichment Teachers.
  • Instrumental Lessons

    Instrumental Lessons include weekly one-on-one instruction for voice, piano, drums, guitar, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, and flute. Core Afterschool before and after a lesson is free of charge. More information about Enrichment classes and faculty can be found under Class Descriptions, and Meet Our Team - Instrumental Teachers.