Responsibilities of Student Athletes

  • To be responsible for all equipment and uniforms issued. Uniforms must be clean and equipment in good repair. Students who fail to turn in equipment or uniforms will be billed for replacement costs. Uniforms should only be worn at games.
  • Players should come prepared for all practices and games, having appropriate footwear and a change of clothing that is sport specific.
  • While competing or practicing student athletes are representing the school and are expected to act appropriately.
  • To show dedication and commitment to the team. This includes keeping informed about and attending all practices and games. Student athletes are expected to attend a minimum 3 days of practices/games a week.
  • To inform the coach at least one day in advance of any unusual circumstances that prevent attendance at games or practices. Without such advance notice, student athletes may not be allowed to participate in or 
  • start a subsequent game. The coach will judge the merits of each situation as it arises.
  • Players who are ejected from interscholastic games for “unsportsmanlike conduct” or other flagrant behavior will forfeit their eligibility to play in the next regularly scheduled interscholastic game or tournament game played in that sport.
  • If at any time the Principal and/or Athletic Director due to academic concerns a student may be removed from a team until those concerns are dealt with.
  • To check with classroom teachers ahead of time about any upcoming absence and to secure assignments for any classes missed due to games. Courtesy requires that students not disrupt classes when leaving early.
  • Participating on a team will fulfill a students PE requirement in the High School and attendance will be taken at all practices and games. If a student misses 20% of practices or games they will not receive PE credit.
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