Five Simple Guidelines for Playing and Competing with Class

Have fun playing the game. Put your effort first and results second. Do not let winning become the most important outcome. As a parent, ask your child if he or she had a fun time, how did he or she play, and what was the highlight of the game. Do not automatically ask if the team won.

The athlete should always be listening to the coach. As a parent, if you have coached your child in the past, let him or her experience something different from another coach. Let the coach be the coach.

Let the officials officiate and never question an official’s call. They are trained to keep the game safe. Remember that officials are human beings too. They have feelings and might make mistakes.

Cheer positively for both sides. Show an appreciation for the skill, talent and effort the athletes are demonstrating. Respect each other at all times.

Celebrate with class and enjoy the event in which students come together to play.
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