Supporting Emotional Growth

While we stress individual achievement and the intensive development of academic and intellectual skills, we also believe that children who are entering the transitional stages of adolescence require a setting in which their emotional needs are fully supported. This underlying support is crucial to the creation of an environment where students can explore fully the questions, "Who am I?" and "What does it mean to be a member of a diverse community?" Our goal is to provide a consistent and supportive environment that both counterbalances and validates each student's experience as it relates to personal challenge and change. One way our Middle School curriculum does this is by providing ongoing opportunities for students to gain increasing independence. Each year, students are challenged through stages of independent thinking and decision making, balanced by a level of support which is sensitive to the concerns and needs of children this age. This dual approach helps students intellectually and emotionally to better understand themselves and provides essential preparation as they move into the world of High School.
Little Red School House
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