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  • Fall 2019 Highlights

    Girls Varsity Soccer
    The Varsity Girls Soccer team, coached by Jeremiah,  finished 6 - 0 to complete their first ever undefeated regular season and first ever regular season championship. The team was invited to the NYSAIS tournament.

    Boys Varsity Soccer
    The Varsity Boys Soccer team, coached by Rohan, went 10 - 0 to complete their first ever undefeated regular season! This was their third regular season championship in a row. They were also invited to the NYSAIS tournament. 
    Varsity Cross Country
    Both teams kept the streak alive and won the girls and boys ISAL league championship for the 7th and 8th times in a row!
    JV Volleyball 
    Coach Rewa led the team to finish 4th place with 5 wins and 4 losses, making the playoffs but losing in the semi-finals.

    Middle School Soccer
    Under the direction of our Director of Athletics, Peter Fisher, the team won the DISC tournament for the 6th year in a row!
    Middle School Volleyball
    The energy on this team's home games was contagious, filling up the bleachers at the Thompson Street Athletics Center. After a great season under the guidance of coach Luis, the team lost in the DISC tournament championship.
  • Winter 2019 Highlights

    Varsity Girls Basketball
    The team won the ISAL South Division but lost the Championship to York Prep.
    Varsity Boys Basketball
    The team made it to the Playoffs, lost in semi-finals.
    Swimming team members all set new PRs in every one of their events. (LREI won the 50 Freestyle at ISAL Championships).
    Competed as probationary members in a fencing league.

    Indoor Track
    Team members all set new PRs including new School Records in the 60m dash and 300m dash.
  • Spring 2019 Highlights

    Varsity Softball
    The team made it to the Championship final. The event was cancelled due to weather conditions.
    Varsity Baseball
    Won the ISAL League and competed in the NYSAIS tournament, both first time achievements.  
    Girls Track - Won ISAL
    Boys Track - 2nd place
    OVERALL track champions for 7th year in a row
  • Fall 2018 Highlights

    Boys Varsity Soccer 
    Won the ISAL for 2nd year in a row (9-1 record, co-champs).
    Girls Varsity Soccer 
    Made it to the ISAL Finals for first time in the team's history.
    Varsity Volleyball 
    Won the ISAL playoffs, upsetting undefeated BFS in the finals.
    Varsity Cross Country 
    Boys Cross Country won the ISAL, undefeated in League Championships since 2012 (or 7 consecutive)
    Girls Cross Country won the ISAL, undefeated in League Championships since 2013 (or 6 consecutive)







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