Forging a Commitment to the Community

Through community service projects, cooperative learning and all-school activities, Middle School students learn about individual responsibility and their role as members of a larger community. This careful development of the skills of active citizenship is a thread which runs through the entire school's program. The idealism of young adolescents too often goes to waste; in our view it amounts to a national resource, to be treasured and nurtured at all costs.

It is hardly surprising then that social justice and community service are important components of the Middle School experience. Students learn about current events, social justice, equity and equality issues, and connect this to meaningful community service experiences. They discuss these subjects among themselves and with their teachers in interactions that take place in homerooms, classrooms, advisories and Middle School meetings. This translates into further dialogue or action, including development of a range of community service projects which may address school, local and/or global issues.
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