In the Lower School...

In the Lower School, a rich learning environment encourages young students to grow intellectually, socially and physically. Classroom life promotes respect for others and an appreciation of the cultural experiences each child and family brings to the community. The academic program helps students to remain curious, explore their interests, develop their skills, learn to collaborate, and know themselves as learners. 

In the Middle School...

The Middle School at LREI continues a strong commitment to active, experiential education. Students encounter new academic challenges that help them to make connections within and across disciplines. Our program supports the development of creative problem solving skills as well as important study and research skills through demanding individual and collaborative projects.

In the High School...

The high school curriculum at LREI is progressive, rigorous and college-preparatory, with an emphasis on inquiry, critical thinking and social justice. We provide students with the serious academic preparation they need to thrive in the world beyond high school, while encouraging them to pursue their passions and seek new challenges. College guidance is highly individualized, and our students go on to attend a wide variety of schools for which they are very well prepared. Community service, social justice, the arts, and athletics are all key components of the high school experience at LREI.
Little Red School House
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