We prefer to think of a curriculum not in terms of subject matter, but in terms of experiences and activities.
In this way, the various subjects and their associated concepts, skills and dispositions become lenses through which learners at LREI explore the world, approach questions, and seek answers to problems. As Agnes De Lima wrote in 1942 in the seminal, but still relevant, book The Little Red School House:

We are, then, concerned in our curriculum to make sure that it affords the kind of experiences and the kind of activities which will help children grow normally and naturally. The old-line pedagogue was continually asking, "What must a child know, what knowledge is of most worth?" We ask instead, "What should a child be like, what ways of acting and what habits of response are most worthwhile?" We take the children as they are and where they are, try to understand them, and then seek to help them understand the kind of world in which they live and the part they are to play in it.

Below please find descriptions of the various disciplines and how they each serve as a lens to focus experience and learning at LREI.
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