We do have a common philosophy and we try to live by it. A philosophy is a deep thing; it is hard to put into words. Only part of it may be expressed; the rest must be lived.
At least we can reiterate that we believe that the school is a place for life, not a storehouse of facts to be learned. It is a place for growth, not for the cold storage of traditions.

We not only study history—we make it.
We not only live life—we enjoy living it.
We need hope; we need strength; we need imagination.

If our school gives us these, it is a good school for us and for the children entrusted to us.
– Agnes De Luma, author of The Little Red School House

About our Co-Curricular Programs

A day in the academic life of an LREI student is anything but ordinary. In every class and in every grade, students are active, mindful participants. Our progressive program challenges them to collaborate with their peers and find original solutions to complex, current problems. Throughout their 14 years here, students develop critical thinking skills that are essential in today’s world, when right-enough answers can be found on Google or Wikipedia. Our academic program inspires children to use their minds, think beyond the page and confidently articulate their ideas to make an impact in the world.

Walk into LREI, and you feel what we mean. You see lower school students baking pies with the peaches they chose at the farmers’ market. You see sixth graders on the playground testing Medieval catapults they designed. At the High School, you hear students debating a bill that just passed through Congress. Then in the next period, you might hear one of the same students practicing a riff he composed, part of a song he’ll perform at a benefit for his classmate’s nonprofit. (Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer is one of a number of organizations in which LREI students are actively involved). Our students aren’t cramming facts and forgetting them by fourth period. They’re engaging with each other and the world, making connections they’ll remember years down the road.

We refer to our extracurricular activity program as our co-curriculum because it is an integral part of our school’s mission.


The LREI experience continues well after the school day ends. We refer to our extracurricular activity program as our co-curriculum because it is an integral part of our school’s mission. It extends, deepens and widens the learning that goes on in classrooms, and gives each student opportunities to take charge, share their expertise and develop their unique interests. It also allows students to see faculty members in a different light, as people with outside passions, talents and interests to share.

Essentially, our co-curriculum supports and complements the learning that goes on in classes all day. By the time LREI students graduate, they understand what it takes to be successful leaders and communicators in the classroom and out on their college campuses.
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