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    High School Principal
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Welcome to the High School at LREI

It is an exciting place to learn — as a student and, from my seat, as an educator. We all learn here. Our challenging program sparks dialogue that requires every person in the classroom to think deeply and participate. There’s no sitting back and absorbing enough information to pass the next test or write the next paper. Our progressive program motivates students to collaborate with their peers and to discover their own personal passions and interests. Respecting teenagers as individuals, we encourage them to see themselves as scientists, artists, mathematicians, activists and writers with the power to create change now and 20 years from now.
I invite you to explore our rich and relevant curriculum, with its wide range of arts, sciences, foreign languages, math levels, history and English electives, and honors project opportunities. Throughout their high school experience, students are required to complete significant, authentic projects, presentations and papers as experts in the field.

LREI graduates become the college students their peers admire — the ones who are leading discussions, planning events and standing on the front lines of causes they hold dear. Simply put, they’re passionate learners and passionate people. We are here to help them get there.

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