Creative expression and the role of imagination in the life and growth of children were at the heart of Elisabeth Irwin’s philosophy. Today, nearly a century after our school was founded, the arts continue to touch every aspect of LREI’s program, spirit and culture. We believe the arts are the key to unlocking the secret of what makes each individual uniquely human, and what allows them to share that humanity with others.

Our arts program is divided into two departments: Performing Arts (music, drama, dance and creative movement) and Visual Arts (studio art, woodworking, graphic design, digital media, filmmaking and photography). For the High School, both departments are housed in the Charlton Street Arts Pavilion, completed in 2012.

    Arts Faculty

    The arts faculty is comprised of working and practicing artists who are talented, experienced teachers. They design and constantly revise their curricula, and develop teaching methods that are developmentally appropriate, carefully considering each student’s needs and learning style. Although the arts department has a multitude of artistic disciplines, every member shares the common objective of encouraging each student to develop his or her own personal vocabulary of expression, while building confidence and fostering a life-long love of the arts.

    LREI is a community of artists

    Performances and exhibitions are fundamental ways in which we build a shared culture and a generous, caring community. Throughout the school year, student work is celebrated in visual art exhibitions, main-stage drama and musical theatre productions, and winter and spring music concerts. Forums such as assemblies, open-mic coffee houses, bulletin board displays and arts festivals allow students to share their work with their peers. True to our progressive mission, the process that produces these important moments is grounded in practice, rehearsal, revision, redesign and collaboration. This is the cornerstone of the arts experience at LREI.

    Divisional Arts Shows

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