Class of 2021

Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
Dear families,
On the surface you may not perceive it, but Junior year is a pivot, a turning point, in the life of our high school students. They are turning toward something beyond what they know . . . 

Intellectually, they are exploring the complexities of literary, social, scientific, and mathematical principles and concepts in their class discussions.They are asking questions and expanding into ideas in impressive and sophisticated ways. 

This week they have discussed the construct of mass incarceration, the interstitial spaces of immigrant experiences, and the intersection of conflicting beliefs at the Israeli-Palastinian border. From Neuroscience to Economics to Media Arts they have deepened their understanding and knowledge of phenomena and systems, and interrogated assumptions and previously held ideas. They have overturned old conceptions and unearthed new ones as they think, wrestle through, and construct ideas together.

When asked how their year is going, our juniors indicate this pivot, this turning toward something beyond what they know, is both exhilarating and challenging. On any given day when we ask our juniors about their school year we get the following answers right in a row: “Exciting! So stressful . . . tiring, busy. Amazing! Challenging . . . up and down.” 

However, we as a faculty have a very consistent response about their year. The way the Class of 2021 has shown up--ready for the work and challenge of their electives courses, ready for leadership opportunities, and ready for student-driven projects like the Junior Class Trip--has impressed us since day one. This group of juniors is taking on the year with a seriousness and focus that we are so proud of! 

For parents of juniors, a special note. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to advisors, teachers, or to us if you need anything. Junior year is also both wonderful and challenging for families, and we are here to offer support and encouragment along the way.

Again, let us say how grateful we are for the Class of 2021, and all of the effort, focus, and thought they are bringing to school each day.