Afterschool Administration

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Cari Kosins

    Cari Kosins 

    Director of Afterschool and Summers & Staff Coordinator
  • Photo of Clara Campos

    Clara Campos 

    Associate Director for Afterschool and Summers
  • Photo of Adrian Jevicki

    Adrian Jevicki 

  • Photo of Denzel Johnson

    Denzel Johnson 

    Summers and Afterschool Registrar - 4s through 1st grade Program Director for Summers
  • Photo of James Miner

    James Miner 

    2nd through 8th grades Program Director for Afterschool and Summers
  • David Rigo 

Core Teachers

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  • Langston Brown

    Reds: Fours - Second Grade
  • Lulu Grant

    Reds: Fours - Second Grade
  • Danielle Mazzilli

    Reds: Fours - Second Grade
  • Daniel Weintraub

    Blues: Third Grade through Middle School
  • Sophie Withers

    Blues: Third Grade through Middle School

Instrumental Teachers

List of 10 items.

  • Ian Bentley

    Piano and Voice (REMOTE)
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  • Helen Yoo Boynton

    Piano - Monday, Tuesday
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  • Chris Bradshaw

    Piano - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
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  • Lucia Caruso

    Piano - Wednesday, Thursday
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  • Mary Cherney

    Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone -  Wednesday, Thursday
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  • Tara McLaughlin Roi

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (REMOTE)
  • Alex Perry

    Piano - Tuesday, Friday
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  • Eve Silber

    Guitar, Songwriting, Voice - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
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  • David Ullmann

    Guitar, Bass, Composition — Wednesday
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  • Nick Wight

    Drums - Monday

Enrichment Teachers

List of 13 items.

  • Vincent Barile

    Karate 1, Karate 2
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  • Woobens Celony

  • Stacy Dillon

    Fiber Art Creations
  • Celeste Dorsey

    Cooking with Celeste
  • Adrian Jevicki

    Digital Design Lab
  • Denzel Johnson

    Gaga for Gaga, LEGO City
  • Ari Kaplan

    Beginner Chess 1 & 2, Intermediate Chess
  • John Henry Katinas

    Ping Pong, Backyard Games
  • James Miner

    Schoolyard Sports
  • Peggy Resnick

  • Sylvia Jane Sackheim

    Ball Games
  • Danielle Staropoli

    Tumbling, Gymnastics
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  • Charlie Tall

    LEGO City