Senior Leaders

Allison Isbell & Margaret Paul
Dear Families,
It is not unusual to hear the word “leadership” used in reference to our senior class, the Class of 2020. They are taking their responsibility as the oldest students in the high school so seriously, and accomplishing the work of leading our student body in bold, creative, and thoughtful ways.
They are leading in the expected, more visible places--on Student Government, as X-Block leaders and Peer Leaders, through their work as Admissions Ambassadors, and on the stage, the courts, and the fields--and also in places that are less seen.
In between classes, when we see them checking on one another, and on younger students.
In their classrooms, as they genuinely listen to each other--valuing each others’ ideas and building collective knowledge and understanding.
And in their willingness to solve problems within the school. In the past month they have led climate change efforts, launched a student-led community service initiative titled “Engage for Change” and advocated for revisions to the Honors Project program to make this process more efficient for students and teachers. 
They not only speak up and raise issues, but they show up, and they do the work. They make announcements in Morning Meeting about cleaning up the cafeteria, and they also get out the broom and dustpan when they see a mess.
With courage and care they are leading our student body this year. We are proud of them, and you should be too! So today, if you see one, hug, high five, or handshake a senior for all that they are accomplishing at LREI this year!