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Nike is coming out with limited-edition Air Max 270 React sneakers and fleece hoodies. Not only are they limited-edition, they are specially-designed by three talented L.A. artists: Sage Adams, Jheyda McGarrell, and Gabrielle Richardson. Each artist used their stories to create this new collection of sneakers and hoodies, incorporating their unique style and flare. 

“Designed by artist and curator Sage Adams, this Air Max 270 React is a reinvention of the classic white shoe that Adams saw in her childhood. The shoe comes outfitted with a pizza slice charm to nod to the classic comfort from her home-state, a reminder to pay tribute to your roots.”

What inspired you to pursue art?

For me the lack of representation of marginalized people as popular visual artists really spoke to a gap I wanted to fill. We needed more than Basquiat, we needed to know Carrie Mae Weems, Kara Walker, Henry Taylor! I needed to see more of a spectrum of the stories being told and mediums used.

Do you feel that art has opened up new possibilities for expression for you?

Art In many ways has taken over how I see the world. Before I started breaking things down into shape rather than how they ‘actually look’ was the moment I began to feel like an artist. It’s opened my mind to an array of possibilities otherwise deemed impossible. I didn’t even think I could draw as a kid. What is the process you go through when curating an exhibition?

Do you have a specific message in mind?

For me it’s getting to know the artist and what made them make the thing and then it’s how do these things come together to tell the story.

What connects the works, what makes them different from other pieces in archive? What medium? What does the architecture of the actual gallery space look like?

Creating an authentic representation of an idea or ethos is one of the hardest and most rewarding things there is.

Here's a short documentatry that was part of the Essence Black Girl Magic documentary series that featured Sage:


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